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“We believe the proper role of government is to maintain order, to preserve justice and to promote the common good. Relying on a source of revenue which degrades our state in so many ways and exploits the most vulnerable members of our society is contrary to this principle.” ___  Rev. Linda Lea Snyder’s bell-clear, high-ground testimony opposing casinos on behalf of the New Hampshire Council of Churches at March 2013 budget hearing


“We were able to put a man on the moon, but we can’t figure out how to take care of our kids, our poor, our elderly without encouraging more gambling, more drinking. Only in America!” ___ Gambling with society’s well-being  by Stan Hochman,03/03/2013:  Read Original Article…


“This taxation by exploitation is an especially insidious way to raise revenue.” ___ Casino gambling: A loser for New York, by Mike Long, February 28, 2013, Read Original Article…

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