INSIGHTFUL ARTICLE re why governments should not “bet” on casinos

Op-ed saying that Canadian governments should get out of gambling by Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, an independent non-partisan public policy think tank in Ottawa which is good advice for all governments.

“Governments that promote gambling as a means of public revenue have pulled on the loose threads of the social fabric causing it to unravel.”___ Dr. Mary Jane Wiseman, “Gambling and Virtue in Government.”

The way that gambling legislation is passed, the lack of opportunities for public input and gambling promoted rather than independent studies are evidence of the lack of consideration of the negative impact on Pennsylvania’s citizens.


Legalizing something harmful never eliminates the harm. It just changes the legal consequences and usually for those who produce, promote and in other ways profit financially from the “legalized” substance or activity with very little to no regard

Online gambling would create casinos in any home, school, business, etc. that has Internet access including smart phones.  The National Gambling Impact Study Commission wisely advised a complete ban on online gambling.    See this recent article from Australia re teens, gaming and gambling.

A preventable tragedy related to ONLINE gambling:

Keno which is a rapid numbers game would be allowed in bars and taverns.   Under the privatization plan for PA’s State Store system, there would be even more alcohol outlets and possible gambling venues.  To see the existing alcohol licenses in the Commonwealth by county, go to:  (This listing does not included State Stores.)

             *** READ Paul Carpenter’s column about the minimum $75,000 fine for any theft from a casino even for the $200 in chips stolen by a dealer at the Rivers.    Carpenter points to the way that the PA Gaming Control Board treats casinos for their violations in comparison.

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