A Statewide Coalition Opposing Gambling in Pennsylvania


Listen to the Senate Finance Committee LOOTtery expansion hearing which included Keno and mentions ONLINE as well (About 90 minutes)

PennsylVEGAS has more than enough gambling that has helped undermine sound economic development. 

IF Governor Corbett gets the privatization of the State Stores that he is pushing, that will mean even more gambling outlets in addition to the additional alcohol outlets beside moving casinos into homes, schools, businesses, etc. via online gambling.

Please take the time to listen to this brief Lottery Ad spoof which is more realistic than our

government would like gamblers to believe and ask yourself if the gamblers you know

would be willing to pay as much in taxes as they put into LOOTtery tickets.

SCRATCH-OFF TICKETS have been called paper slots due to the addictive nature of the rapid answer as to whether or not the ticket is a “winning” one.  The link above is the beginning of the scratch-offs.   Keep in mind that PA begin its lottery with one fifty cent ticket and one drawing a week.  So much for that!!