A State Wide Coalition Oposing Gambling in Pennsylvania


Legalizing something harmful never eliminates the harm. It just changes the legal consequences and usually for those who produce, promote and in other ways profit financially from the “legalized” substance or activity with very little to no regard for the negative impact on individuals or society-at-large.             Dianne M. Berlin

Unlike the purchase of a product or service, gamblers usually pay

SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.  Sounds like consumer fraud or a scam doesn’t it???

##### The House Gam{BL)ing Oversight Committee has passed a MASSIVE FLEECING bill!!    Be sure to watch this video  KA-CHING  (MORE DETAILS ON INTERNATIONAL PAGE)

July 25 interview on WDAC “Spotlight”  with Dianne Berlin re online gambling and liquor privatization in PA.

“But, most times, legal gambling is oversold by states and that can lead to disappointment. The fact is, revenues from legal gambling will never be large enough to solve a social problem.”     I. Nelson Rose  (Please note that Nelson Rose has been a huge influence in spreading and not preventing legalized gambling.  It is time for legislators finally realize that enabling gambling has been a bust.)


Check out this brief video to see that gamblers are the only ones who are impacted by gambling

Police talk about problem gambling from their perspective.   All of us need to be talking and acting on GAMBLING PROBLEMS!!  Government needs to STOP ENABLING GAMBLING!!

Charlie Rose interviews Steve Wynn:



Please note that there is a “Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling” which sounds good on the surface but is funded by Sheldon Adelson who owns the Sands casino in Bethlehem, PA as well as other casinos in other locations.  The position of CasinoFreePA is to be independent of any gambling connections due to the mixed messages it would send.
There is still a loophole for online horse racing which needs to be closed if the recommendation of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission is to be followed.  It was for a TOTAL ban on Internet gambling.
No citizen or organization needs to belong to a coalition to contact elected officials about public policy.   CasinoFreePA encourages individuals and organizations to first become informed on the gambling issue and not just about the “revenue” but the huge and very real costs both economic and on people, then, contact their elected officials, write Letters to the Editor, call in talk shows and use social media as well to roll back legalized gambling in the Commonwealth.
CasinoFreePA remains opposed to casinos of ANY size anywhere on land, water, in the air or cyberspace in the Commonwealth regardless of the “games” or method used or who “benefits” from the spoils.

LOOTtery expansion continues.  $30 LOOTtery ticket??????   Does the government have NO shame?????URGENT INFORMATION in press release re ONLINE GAMBLING!


IMPORTANT!    “Winning”

6000 MINI-CASINOS IN BARS HB1098 2013-14 Session has become Act 90

Let the invasive fleecing begin!!   It looks like the so-called “social” clubs, bars and restaurants want machines.  Check Oversight Committee link for hearings.

(Note: Vice seems to be a priority for this session too!)

Click on the bill link and check text above the bill for the whole bill and on votes to see how your elected officials voted.“I cannot find much civic good in state-sponsored gambling. What is bad about it?  It produces no product, no new wealth, and so it makesno genuine contribution to economic development.” 

Jack R. Van Der Slik, director of the Illinois Legislative Studies Center, Sangamon State University and co-author of Lawmaking in Illinois in “The Rostrum” March 1990/Illinois Issues/31

“According to Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson, it is basic economics that: ‘[Gambling] involves simply sterile transfers ofmoney or goods between individuals, creating no new money or goods.   Although it creates output, gambling does nevertheless absorb time and resources.   When pursued beyond the limits of recreation, where the main purpose after all is to “kill” time, gambling subtracts from the national income.”

U.S. National Security and the Strategic Economic Base: The Business/Economic Impacts of the Legalization of Gambling Activities.” John Warren Kindt, St. Louis University Law journal, Vol 39, No 2 (Winter 1995) Quoting Paul A. Samuelson, Economics 425 (10th Ed. 1976). See Also, “Legalized Gambling Activities As Subsidies By Taxpayers”, John Warren Kindt, Arkansas Law Review, Vol 48, No. 4, 1995 and “The Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Activities”, John Warren Kindt, Drake Law Review.